Ideas Discussion about raw ideas which may become <a href="https://discuss.tryton.org/c/feature">feature</a> of Tryton.
About the Feature category [Feature] (1)
Check Products Quality [Feature] (14)
Add option create record faster [Ideas] (3)
Improve domain validation error from server [Feature] (2)
Association blueprint ( 2 3 ) [Ideas] (48)
Product Recommendation [Feature] (5)
Solution to manage tax identifier types [Feature] (6)
Backorder date on future sales [Feature] (4)
Add file-extension field to ir.attachment [Ideas] (12)
Keep preferred carrier service for a party [Ideas] (8)
Company logo in reports [Ideas] (14)
Replace on_write with bus message [Ideas] (1)
Add subdivisions to match account tax rule [Ideas] (14)
Uom Conversion Inter category on product ( 2 ) [Feature] (32)
Cache management for RPC [Feature] (7)
Customizable defaults on payment terms [Feature] (11)
Separate the Subscription module from Sale [Ideas] (3)
Grouping receivable/payable lines [Feature] (17)
One Payment for multiple Invoices ( 2 ) [Ideas] (29)
Product sold in multiple packagings [Ideas] (7)
Forms in listview [Feature] (12)
Improve rounding taxes when the tax_rounding field is set to 'document' [Ideas] (6)
Counters & performance [Feature] (7)
Add more CSS-classes to buttons (GTK client) [Ideas] (9)
Session Logging and Auditing [Ideas] (3)
Amendment for Sale and Purchase [Feature] (1)
Improve Search Filter on client [Feature] (13)
Improve domain validation error to be more human readable [Feature] (3)
Add a shortcut in the toolbar for csv export and a list of predefined exports like for the reports [Feature] (16)
Record creation helper [Feature] (10)