Production Planned Date and Planned Start Date autocompletion

For planning production using only the production module without other modules such as production_work:
In production sometimes you will start with the Planned Start Date.
I know when will start the production. So I set the Planned Start Date.

Then I calculate manually how long the production will take, and I set the Planned Date.
But then I lose the Planned Start Date, as it is auto-completed with the value from the Planned Date.

I have read the opinion that @ced has regarding production planning in Tryton: it is better to use an external tool like Frepple.

Still I think some very simple planning can be done in Tryton, but right now it is very annoying to use the Planned Date and Planned Start Date because if I change one I lose the other.

As usual, for me personally I can override in a custom module this behavior, so I am not asking for help with this issue.

I would like to ask if there is any rationale for auto-completing the planned start date from the planned date.

If not then I would like to propose the following:

  1. Let the user change the Planned Date and Planned Start Date freely.
  2. Have a check that Planned start date is not after Planned Date.
  3. If either is left empty at saving, then autocomplete the missing value from the other.

If I get positive feed-back I would like to create the merge request implementing these changes myself.

PS: I know that there are more production modules such as production_work that may change the values of the production dates depending on work.

Usually you know when you need the production to be done and from there you compute back when it should start depending on the time it takes.

For me the current behavior is mainly good because it makes the computation for the user. But I think we are missing the case where we do not know the lead time of the production. In such case I agree that we should not compute any dates.

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I have this customer. He wants a custom production that he orders today to be ready also today, so I need to start a week ago.
For me this is one case when you know when the delivery date should be so you can calculate backwards from there to know when to start.

My experience with all my suppliers is: I place an order taking into account the expected lead time and then the supplier gives me a delivery date based on order date + their order queue + lead time for my order.

I think we can have the same behavior, just not with on_change, but to set the missing values on saving.

Do I have a go-ahead from you for such a merge request?

This will be bad design. The user need to know what he is saving.

Please fill and link to an issue.