Sale Point defaults

Hello Cedric,
I have 2 ideas for the usability of the sale point module

  • set the quantity in sale point product form as default 1.
  • Button next or add in the product form to open next product form .(status is: +, scan barcode, select quantity, klick ok and repeat for the next line)
    Kind regards Robert

In case you where interested there was a proposal to add barcode scan on sale point:

But it was stalled and I do not know what needs to be done to move them forward.

Not every products are sold by quantity of 1.
I do not think this is the way to make POS encoding faster.

I do not understand.

This sounds like supporting Allow to scan product barcodes on sale point which should be doable.

Barcode Scanning is no problem. The most Barcscanners runs as keyboard

My Customers scan each product. At a POS desk you have no time to count the product quantity and write it in the field. They also have no time to start every product line by klicking the + to add new product line. They need a new line after each scan

Yes this would be the goal of adding barcode scanner support to the POS.

Yes, this is the way we need .