Improved handling of columns

Our newbee friend @efe reminded me, that IMHO the handling of columns is one of the worst things in Tryton, and it comes to the view of newbees quite early and spoils their impression of Tryton. Thank you, Ewald for raising this issue, good to have a fresh view on it.

As we now do have the really handy “switch off columns” feature, improvements should be much easier to achieve now. First I think we should make a decision:

  • Is it still necessary to scale the width of columns below their minimum (so not all digits are visible) ? - To me, it is not - but maybe people want to see the first few digits of a number? - Please let us know.

In case only few people want to scale column width below the minimum, I suggest as follows:

  • columns with numbers always do have a fixed, the minimum possible width required to have all digits visible
  • saldo (balance) columns at the very right side always are fixed to the right edge and cannot be shifted outside the visible area
  • the most left column can be rescaled by using the right side column handle
  • all other columns can be rescaled by using the left side column handle

I’d like to contribute a share of 50€ for implementing this (or an improved) concept, and I hope other fellows will join in with more offerings. If these improvements will not go to the core - can we publish a solution at ?

As far as I am concerned, I think the column scaling should be at the users discretion using the slider method. The user should have the option to select the visible columns. The selected visible columns should start at the left and be added to the right. Obviously if the user selects too many or scales them too wide, the right side will be pushed out of the visible area at some point. As long as the user can select what is wanted that is ok. From what I see when using the application I conclude that there has to be a right most column which can not be rescaled to the left. If that’s true, what about having a very narrow right most column whithout header and content?
That’s my five cents as a newbie user. I would be willing to contribute to have the current situation improved if my time can be of use somehow in the project.

This is already implemented as optional columns