Set a default From/To Location and Production Location on BOMs

One of our customer manage a lot of BOMs and a lot of Productions.

When he set a Production, he have to set, respectively, the From Location and the To Location for each Input and Output lines.

(In french, he said “C’est chiant parce que je prends souvent les mêmes ingrédients aux mêmes emplacements…” :slight_smile: )

Is it easy (and pertinent) to add a default Location field on each Input/Ouput lines of BOM model?

… then, if the Location field on an Input/Ouput line of a BOM is niot set, the default Location is set by the Warehouse default Production Picking and Production Output parameters.

Isn’t it?

… and I think it be will be cool if we can set, on a BOM, a new default production Location field, in order to relieve our customers of having to (re)enter it each time they record a production.

My two cents :slight_smile:

Normally the input is selected by the system on assignation and the output can be configured as default with Stock Product Location.