Duplicate internal shipments

We have a client that make me realize an obvious usage of internal shipments which make me think about adding some “Modify header” option, and maybe it can be useful for core module also as I think it’s generic. But to be sure I don’t live in my own bubble, here is the rationing.

Internal shipments are for moving between your locations of products.
One usage of duplication of int. shipment is to do again the same movement of products.
But the other usage is to duplicate and change the locations but maintaining the products. So for example you have a trailer moving from Warehouse A. to Seaport Warehouse B (that’s shipment 1), once on the seaport they separate the trailer from the container(end of shipment 1), later day they use a trainer to load the container and get into the ship to move to Warehouse C. So it’s useful to duplicate shipment 1 and only change the locations because the items are the same (shipment 2).

What are your thoughts about it? I know some of you have more than one warehouse, and I think that maybe could be beneficial.

For me it is a job for Stock Location Move module.