Point of Sale using application user API

(Diego Abad) #1


Tryton currently does not have a point of sale module, that can be easily used on
places likes markets.


Create a point of sale application using application user API released on 4.2 version.


  1. Need to create routes on sale module, similar on timesheet module
  2. Create an web application (using JQuery or Riotjs and Bootstrap), I think this web app should be open from a wizard on sale module (This wizard should create an app key and redirect to point of sale).
    Similar to chronos http://hg.tryton.org/chronos/

I think can be taken as a reference this simple interface

(resteve) #2

There is a sale pos module (depends sale module). Next weeks we upgrade to 4.2.

In case you like web client, you could use SAO or create a new client with angular-tryton

Tryton Point of Sale - POS from raimonesteve

(C├ędric Krier) #3

I think it is wrong to base a POS on sale module. They have different target and goals.

I do not see why it should use an app key. Usually a POS is an single application in kiosk-mode, where user authentication with login/password (usually only numbers from numpad).
Also if a new key is created at each opening, it will be painful to validate it.

It was explained many times that it is wrong to use sale Model for POS.

Indeed the first thing to do before creating an external API, is to create a correct backend. You could find this WIP which contains the starting point for modeling.
Once there is a valid model, we can start talking about the UI features like offline, modularity etc.

(Oscar Alvarez) #4

Already to exists a POS Frontend (made with Qt5 + python3) working in several markets and restaurants:

This is a screenshoot:

For waiters use in restaurants we have the responsive design (for tablets) using the same code:

(Oscar Alvarez) #5

I think that to make another POS Frontend is to reinvent the wheel, when to exist this [1].
[1] Presik POS