Show user warning when a product is almost withouth inventory


Is the a module to show user warning when a producto is almost withouth inventory? And if it is possible to definy the minimun stock acceptable of the product?

Thanks in advance!

When do you want this warning to popup?
There is sale_stock_quantity which raise a warning when trying to sale products that will not be available.

There is the order point which allow to customize the quantity for supply.

For example, I define the order point on 10. When a sale is confirmed and the stock is less that the order point, so, send a warning to the user and say that a new purchase need to be done (maybe a general warning to show all product on the order point limit). An email could be generated to remind of the warning. It is useful when the salesman is different from warehouse manager.

No need for an email. The stock administrator must run frequently the “Stock Supply” wizard (it may be good to allow to setup a cron task) which creates if necessary the purchase requests for the buyers of the company.

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