Stock warning at sale

When I process a sale I get a warning that the awaited amount of the product is lower than the amount in the invoice. Can’t process the sale then.

Where do I set the amount of a product and where can that warning be influenced?


I guess you have activated the Sale Stock Quantity module. So it warns when you try to quote/confirm a sale for which the stock quantity of a product is too low.

You can skip the warning if your user is in the group “Sale Stock Quantity”.

You must fill your warehouse by purchasing and receiving products or by doing an inventory.

It is influenced by the quantity sold, the date of the sale, the lead delay of the product supplier and finally the stock quantity.

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Created that group and added the user to it but still get that warning. Deactiavting the module seems not to be possible “The name of the group must be unique!”

You should not have to create the group the module define it.

It looks like the module was not correctly activated as it should have created the group.

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Or in my case today… ii’ve tryed to do the activation over an existing db where i did not correctly activated the dependencies and i had the same error on and on. To fix it i’ve deleted the db, inicialized a new one and the problem been solved.