UX of sale stock quantities modules with a lot of lines


I’ve got some complaints of a user about the current behaviour of the stock quantitiy test when quoting and confirming a sale.

They have sales with 80 or 100 lines, which they may have multiple lines without stock. Currently once they confirm a sale they get a warning per line without stock, which slows dows the process as they should be skipped one by one.

As far as confirming a sale, confirms all the lines i’m wondering if it won’t be better to show a single warning with all the lines that are out of stock. This will allow them to see all the missing quantities globaly per sale and speed up the process of confirming a sale.

The behaviour will be very similar to what is done when assigning stock moves, but using a single warning instead of a wizard to show the results.


I think we should use a wizard instead of warnings because if all the lines have no stock the warning messages will be too long.

+1. It should be done in a similar way like the exception handling. This will provide an informational overview while providing the possibility to handle with one action.

I thought this option, but as far as there is nothing to do on the wizard: Only accept or dimiss I’m not sure if it’s worth it’s effort.

When you say handle do you think there is any other option that accept it or dimiss?

There could be e.g. ‘Remove non-deliverable lines’, ‘Split non-deliverable lines into a separate sale’…

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