Stock split warning to prevent create erroneous quantity of moves


We did some tests on customer shipments this morning. We are using some modules: stock_lot, stock_split, stock_package

In our case, sometimes, we have to split outgoing moves to fit packaging. I mean, we could have an outgoing move of 1000 units. We have a package of 400 units, we split move into 3 lines and then we link split move to the correct package.

This morning, we made error in the split wizard: we put an erroneous quantity in the wizard… We had a move with 2200000 units, we wanted to split into 4 moves of 550000 units. We input 4 in quantity field… Process is still running to split move into 5500000 lines of moves!

Could the wizard have a kind of control to prevent such error? (splitting move in more than xxx moves should raise a warning ?)

I do not think this is something that can be done in standard because this is a legitimate case but probably something that you can add if you have very big quantity moves on a custom module.
Another possiblity is to remove hide the quantity field and always split by moves. This probably suits more your use case.

I think it may be useful to have a user warning when the number of moves created is too large. The problem is how to determine this value. I think we could use the [cache] record value because it is configurable and if it will be set on a value that should be upper than the average number of lines.