Split shipments


Sometimes the generated shipments could be too big for the company. The limitation can come from the physics of the warehouse or the capacity of warehouse employee etc. As the criteria can depend on various criteria, I do not think it is possible to generate automatically reduced shipment. But we should have a way to manually reduce them.


We add to the stock_split module a new wizard to split Customer, Supplier Return and Internal shipments.
The wizard will ask for the moves to be moved to another shipment. The wizard will create a copy of the shipment with the selected moves attached to it.
The wizard can only be executed on draft shipments.
For Customer Shipment it will use the outgoing moves as the inventory moves are synchronized.

If the user wants to move a smaller quantity than the all quantity of a move, he will have to split it first using the existing Split Move wizard.



I do not think other shipments needs to be split because they are defined by external sources.