Sales without stock module dependency


I’m very new using tryton, and i see sales module has dependency with stock module, so when we active sales module, stock module is activated too

Is it possible to manage product sales but without manage stock?

For example, if we sell products and send from third from manufacturer to end customer, or if we don’t want to manage stock for whatever reason

Thanks in advance, best regards


Then you should probably use the drop shipment module, it will help you to track where your products are.

It’s a matter of configuring the product type. Products of type ‘Service’ will not generate any stock move.

Hello nicoe.

Thanks for this information.

We have other question, is it possible to uninstall/deactivate stock module without uninstall/deactivate sales module?
If we will not use stock module we prefer not to see this module in client

Thanks, best regards

You can give your user only access to the sale, party and product modules. The admin user will still see the stock module but it’s not the user you should use on a day to day basis.

Thank you very much nicoe, we are testing users with permissions and this option is ok!

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