Sales: handling low/out of stock situation

Sometimes I either

  • when creating the sale, find that I have less in stock than my customer ordered, or -
  • go to the warehouse with a picklist and find less items of an article than expected. Maybe because of own consumption, mistakes, theft, loss - or whatever - or

AFAIK, tryton handles this incident as follows:

  • customer shipment position(s) remain listed
  • not delivered items are put on invoice anyway

I cannot befriend with that behaviour:
My belive is that I only can invoice goods I actually can deliver (exept I can order articles within a few days - which is the case only of a fraction of my articles). May be for the reason that I delisted articles, or purchasing new stock may take a long time, as articles come from far east or whatever. I can handly such an out-of-stock situation manually, changing delivery record and invoice. That’s quite complicated, 7/10 cases I make a mistake with that.

Is there a better, more structured approach to handle this situation ? Does e.g. any custom module exist for that?


Then you should use the “Shipment” invoices method to only create the invoice for what it has been shipped.

There is the sale stock quantity module that will raise a warning when the system nows that there will be not enought stock to fill the sale. Maybe that will help you.

On the other hand, there is the option to use supply modules to ensure that you have enought quantities on the stock (by defining minimum rules) and to compute the purchase required to fullfill the customer requirements. This way you can sell without quantities and the system will let you know what needs to be purchased to fill the customer needs.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you very much - that’s really valuable advice and solves a problem I’ve been struggling now for 2 years.
Only thing I have to take care for now is to make sure to keep this order:

  1. create a picklist
  2. collect my items
  3. finish the delivery with “pack” as a last step

Thanks a lot - you made my week!


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