Sale and customer shipment at the end of each month

Hello everyone,
I have a problem with Tryton 4.8.12 for sales and customer shipments at the end of each month.

An example:
Sale (and relative customer shipment) are created out on 2019-03-27.
The carrier leaves on 2019-03-27 and delivers the products on 2019-04-02 (the following month).
The customer wants the movement counted on 2019-04-02 and not in March.

How do I move sales and customer shipment to 2019-04-02 without altering the progressive number and date?

What does it mean? Why has the customer request about the system dates of the stock moves?

I understand what you mean: the invoice lines can be moved to the invoice for the following month.
The problem is on the locations:
Every month customers are sent a report with all the movements of their locations (In-Out).
Customers want the movements to be counted by delivery date and not by issue date of the delivery note

So for me, it is just a matter of setting the shipment as done not when you put it on the truck but when the truck arrives. This is unusual and adds more workload because you are managing the “receipt” for your customer.

Unfortunately in Italy, all customers want reports and invoices with the “received” date …
Does Tryton support this feature?

Now we are canceling the sales generated at the end of the month and we are creating them at the beginning of the following month …

How do you know the receive date? From where does it come?

I do not understand how this is linked to the topic. What “generated” sales are you talking about?

The customer sends me the delivery note signed with the date of receipt

I’m sorry, “created” and not “generated”.
When I create the sale (at 2019-03-27), the invoice line and delivery note are generated automatically at 2019-03-27.

The problem also exists in the warehouse sales:
Suppose the 2019-03-27 I have a transport that takes 6 days to arrive from the customer.
If I question the balance of the destination location (customer location) on 2019-05-01 with “At date” set at 2019-03-31, the balance of this location will contain the products transported, but the products arrived in the customer’s location on 2019-04-02 …

Well this is a little bit insane (managing the customer location) but this seems like you are requiring to use a third move on the shipment using a transit location. It is doable as it exists for internal shipment but I guess this is a very particular need.

My requirement is because customers want balances and invoices with “delivered” dates…

it’s complicated…