Management of service purchases


How to manage purchases of services linked to sales of these same services in Tryton?
Is there a way to create a purchase request when confirming the sales order?


if you have to buy them to sell them, I would make them products, not services, and use the stock management facilities like for any other product.

I think that service is more for services that you provide yourself, for which stock is not managed.

I do not think it is a good advise to manage services as goods.

I see not problem to use sale_supply with services but the sale will not wait for the purchase to invoice the service. At least not until Issue 9999: Add module to allow services to be invoiced when they are done - Tryton issue tracker is developed and the same module for purchase is created.

I think so too.

Ok, thanks, I’ll look over there.

why ? (see below for a more developed question)

especially since tryton can’t yet handle a «pure service» flow gracefully until that’s developed, what’s wrong with using goods stock management to track services that you resell ? You do have order, purchase, somehow a deliverable that starts the invoicing process,… I agree that it would be better to use a pure service flow, but since it’s not there (yet), what’s the problem with bending the available facilities in the meantime ?


I think you answered yourself pretty well.
If there is not there yet using a workarround like you suggested will not make it available faster.

Because goods have a different accounting than service (often the taxes). Also with the goods you have inventory, cost of goods, shipping cost, landed cost etc.

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