Using stock forecast for stock supply

Hi All,

I’ve been testing the stock_forecast module in order to create a forecast of the customer demand per warehouse. On a fresh database I’ve created a new forecast for the current week with a line of 30 units of a product. I’ve confirmed the forecast to make it definitive.

Then I executed the Supply stock wizard. As I have no stock nor any order point for the product I will expect that a new purchase request is created to fullfill the forecast quantities but no one appeared.

Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance

Did you activate the module stock_supply_forecast?

Ups I missed that point but after activating I get exactly the same behaviour. No purchase requests are created despite having a purchasable product with a negative forecast

You should check if the moves are created during the call to PurchaseRequest.generate_requests.

Yes, this moves are created but it seems they are ignored as products by location returns and empty dict.

Is it well a date in the future?
(Any way, this module will benefit from having a scenario)