Does not forecast a product using stock forecast

Hello with everyone
I am starting to work with stock forecast and for the moment I am only interested in making the forecast. Then I activated the modules: stock_forecast, stock_supply and stock_supply_forecast. I fill out the forecast form and I guess the prediction should be the field called: quantity_executed but for the moment it just shows me the value of zero. What else do I have to configure or what am I missing? What is necessary for the forecast to work?
Nor is it creating new move. Are moves in stock_supply created automatically once I confirm the forecast?
Thanks for in advance.

The quantity_executed field reports the quantities that have already been delivered (not the ones the forecast is going to create).

Stock moves are not created when you confirm but only when the Supply Stock wizard is executed, and they’re removed when te wizard finishes, so you’re not never going to see the moves.

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You have helped me a lot with your response, now I can continue more easily. Thank you very much and good day.

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