Information about forecast quantity needed


I would like to understand if there is any difference between manually created stock move and automatically created stock move during purchase entry? I observed when I create a move manually then actual quantity and forecast quantity generated automatically though the move status = draft. But when a move created automatically during purchase entry then actual and forecast quantity has no impact when the move status = draft. Both are updated when I create a supplier shipment and then receive there.

Also I am trying to understand why the forecast quantity on the supplier location is not reducing after creating the supplier shipment and inventory is transferred to storage zone from input zone? When they actually be reduced?

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I guess it is because the moves do not have the same planned date.

It is difficult to answer as we are missing a lot of information.
What are the status of each moves? What planned and effective dates are filled and when?

Hi Cedric, you are right. I now observed the same behavior for both manual and automatic move cases by putting the same planned date.

The status of each moves are ‘done’. The planned dates and effective dates of the moves are the same date.For your understanding please check the below example -

Let’s assume the storage zone is having the physical stock of 100 pcs for a product. I created a purchase of 20 pcs more. When the incoming stock move status = draft then stock position of the locations


After changing the incoming move status to done


Here my question is why the supplier location is showing still the forecast quantity and physical quantity = -20 though the incoming move is done and stock is transferred to the input zone.

Are you sure there is a planned date on the move created by the purchase? It is only set by default if you have put a delivery time for the product-supplier.

Hi Cedric,

Thanks for your kind response. Yes, I just checked now again. I have set-up the delivery date for the purchase and based on that the planned that for the incoming move was automatically created. So, when I received the products from supplier shipment then the products moved to the input zone. But the physical and forecast quantity remain unchanged on the supplier location which is still a question mark for me.

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The supplier location is a virtual location, it has most of the time a negative quantity.