Demand planning

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Is it possible in Tryton to enter a weekly demand per product and use it in supply stock to propose the raw materials needed to produce products inventory per week?

Yes, you should activate stock_forecast and stock_supply_forecast modules.

Then you just need to create a forecast for the production location and tryton will take in the forecasted quantities to purchase the needed materials.


But this is not per week that I can use actual sales for week 35 of 2019 and use it as a forecast for week 35 of 2020?

This is not implemented by the stock_forecase module (as it does not depend on sale)
But it won’t be complex to create a button that reads the history and creates the same forecast.

On the demand side:
Enter the finished goods sales estimate per week for the year e.g. 2020. All finished goods are using a single raw material just in different packing.

On the supply side:
Enter the raw material product estimate production per week for the year e.g. 2020

Have a view of planned demand versus planned supply to see the shortfalls, to determine if own production can supply enough or must they buy out.

This is included on the forecast, you have the quantity (manually introduced by the user) and the actual quantity (computed by the system) so after the forecast period is done you can compare.


Where do I find this in the menu’s?

Stock -> Forecasts (after activating the required modules)

P.S: You can use the global search to search on menu items.

There is a wizard “Complete Forecast” which takes the quantities of a former period and apply it to the forecast period.

Thanks a lot.

Is a standard module? Or something seperate?

I cannot find it anywhere in the installation.

You have to create a forecast and on the forecast form there is a button to complete it.

Thank you

Found it.

I just need to figure out why

my NEW button is not active.

You must be in the “Stock Forecast” group to be allowed to make forecast.