Usage of stock supply forecast

With a little searching in this forum, I found that there is the stock supply forecast module in tryton. Hopefully, that matches what I up to now did with a spreadsheet:

  • calculate average consumption of items over a user defined period of time in the past
  • divide the present stock level by average consuption
  • calculate the date where remaining stock is zero

When I now try to use stock&inventory > forecasts, I get a list, giving articles and figures for quantity, minimal qty, UOM and qty executed.

Unluckily, I’m unable to guess what this figures tell me - and docs’ info is a little sparse on that: The stock supply forecast module takes forecast into account to compute purchase requests.

Dummy-compatible advice will be appreciated even more.



This is just a compatiblity module between stock_supply and stock_forecast.
So if you want your forecast to be taken in account when suppling stock you will need to activate the stock_supply_forecast module. In this case, if there is a forecast active for the supply method the forecast will be taken in account when the supply stock wizard is run.

This allows the system to create the needed requests to fill the forecasted demand.

Thank you very much.
Yes, I installed stock_supply_forecast and activated it. But als mentioned above - it is neither obvious what figures are telling me - nor what my inputs do with the process.

Never underestimate stupidity of your fellows…
When I ask for dummy-proof - than I really mean DUMMY-PROOF

You just need to create a forecast for a period, confirm it and the supply wizard will take in account the forecast for the requests.

Have you tried that?

P.D: If you want to know what a modules do you can always have a look at the test scenarios, where the main workflow and usage is normally explained.

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I guess it will be more productive to update the documentation of the modules.

I’m embarrassed, but I can only guess you mean Dominique’s testing environments?

Every module and Tryton itself have tests to make sure everything runs after a modification is done. When you look into the module directory, you’ll see a sub directory called tests (modules/stock_supply_forecast: 3895f4117b98 /). There you will find a .rst file where basically the working of the module is explained. It creates a ‘scenario’ and uses the module to do some stuff and expects a certain outcome. This .rst can be ran automatically by a test system and when it fails, there is something wrong with the code.

So when you walk through the file manually, you can get a basic understanding what the module does.

Thank you very much for pointing that out - I was not fully aware of this source of info. Well, it is not served on a silver plate, but I’ll try to use it with my next problem to come.

Nevertheless, having read the piece, I still do not really know what in- and outputs of the module really mean. Would somebody be so kind and write down the steps required to use this feature? - Which inputs are needed, which buttons need to be pressed - what do the computed figures mean?

Sorry for these stupid questions - but I really cannot guess the answers, allthough having tried for quite a while.


I really would like to use this feature - but at my level of knowledge, I still have to do my forecasts manually.