Searching for subaccounts and browsing it's related lines

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In order to get all the subaccounts listed under ‘411111x’ you shoul open the General Ledger (under the Adeccounting / Reporting menu) and use the following filter: Code: 41111

From there you can browse all the lines of each account by double clicking each account.

Hope it helps!

That doesn’t solve the problem, as I mentioned - we would like to see all the accounts lines underneath 41111 and not only the accounts needing to be further looked at separately.
Also, with reporting, impossible to inspect other than the fiscal year chosen, under account plan either a specific fiscal year is chosen or not all all.

@pokoli for you information, the account 4111 is the main receivable account.
Here the problem is that they use probably one account per party instead of using the party_required feature which will bring all the lines under the same account.

Now a good improvement will be to allow the tree_open actions to work on many records. As the double click unselect other records, I think we could add under the relate menu the tree_open action. This would allow to trigger the action with multiple record. But the tree_open actions should be reviewed to ensure to work with many records.

Not at all, we use the party identifier…it’s that there are multiple [sub]accounts used for both clients and suppliers according to the nature of the invoice.
Check out a brief into to the 40x (supplier) and 41x (client), even 42x for employees here: