View only account with bookings

accounting > Reporting > General Ledger
I’d like to display only accounts which actually have any contents (moves). I thought about a custom search with “end balance => 0,01”, but that would not catch negative end balances.
How can I achieve to view the accounts which really are in use?


Use filter like: “Debit: !0 or Credit: !0”

Thank you for your time, Cédric.
For the little stupid ones like I am:
In the search line, place the string:

[meaning-of-"debit"-in-your-language]: !0 or [meaning-of-"credit"-in-your-language]: !0

So you need a little mix of languages…
IMHO, this search would deserve a switch of its own, it’s so important…

You should be able to bookmark the search using the little star icon to the right of where you type the search in.

You can then quickly select it using the bookmarks button, which is the one just to the right of the star icon.

Yes, I did.
Nevertheless - IMHO the “accounts with turnover” view is so important that you should not have to apply settings separately and issue a forum request on that.

Just my 2ct…

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Indeed on the upcomimg 5.8 release we added the possibility to share search filtres with all the users on the system. This can be used for the admin user to setup most common filters for the users.

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