Account module data migration


In the experiences of migration made from other ERP and accounting software, in many of them I have not had the possibility to export data directly from the database, an api or other means to do it in an automated way, many of the cases are cloud services that the provider does not facilitate these options and not have access with super privileges to do it otherwise; finally I have only counted with the options that these software bring to take out the accounting movements and this way I have migrated complete accounting to Tryton.

Recently I found a Tryton in service in the cloud and the need to export the data and with the similar problems described above (I did not even have an admin user of Tryton) and I came to the subject of this post. The account module does not have an option that allows to have move lines and this work becomes tedious because to reach it is necessary to do it by periods and journal.
In my case I begin to include in Tryton’s implementations the unofficial module, so that someone has the possibility to export this information.

Finally a feature similar to the module could be included in the accounting module, and something similar does not happen to you?

Or there is another way that I don’t know with the official modules?

As far as your user is able to access the move table, you can export all the lines using the CSV export. You just need to include all the related fields fields of the lnies

Could you describe the features provided by the module and why you consider this a requirement?

  • Create menu the account moves lines
  • Allows to know the amount of lines in account moves
  • Filter by accounts, parties, move, date, debits and credits. All this without any limitation of periods, account moves or journals

It also has receivable_lines and payable_lines on parties that computes receivable, payable not reconciled move lines for party, this feature I have not used and I do not include it in the need

Of course, exporting csv is the tool used, but it is combined with the module described above

Why is usefull such menu?

Not sure to understand you here but it will be great to explain why this is usefull.

There is the general ledger which computes the debit/credit and balance for each account and can be used to dig into the details. Why you need to directly filter on the lines? Which information are you looking for?

The account module adds a Payable/Receivable lines relate on the parties which shows this line. Why wee need another

It allows to see account move line without restrictions by fiscal years, periods, journals and account move.

Correct the general ledger, it has those possibilities but limits the breakdown of the query by fiscal year and account

This property is included in the module, but is not in the idea of adding it to the official account module

What we need is a use case. Without one we can not judge the pertinence of having such feature in standard.