421 account should be writable in account_fr


I’m surprised that in account_fr 421 is a view. Since Party is needed to write in 421, why should it be necessary to create subaccounts ?

Because it has not a payable or receivable type, so it does not help managing it as receivable/payable.
At least until a module for payslip is developed which may take advantage of the feature.

Comparing to 425 which is Receivable and Party required, seems to me 421 should be treated the same.

Probably all 42* accounts should be closed as it is related to employees.

Must be my accountancy ignorance, but I’m perplex with this sentence. What do you mean by “closed”? How to write employees salaries payments without these accounts?

With sub-account, one per employee.

Ok, so I summarize to be sure before opening a bug to correct account_fr.

421 and 425 should be views
For each employee, create sub-accounts:
421x with Kind other, Type Plan de types de compte (France)\Passif\Dettes\Dettes d’exploitation\Dettes fiscales et sociales
425x with Kind other, Type Plan de types de compte (France)\Actif\Actif circulant\Créances d’exploitation\Autres
(For 5.0, there is still Kind and Type).
Does it seem right?

No, subaccounts are archaîc… the party is the employee(or stagiaire) for at least 421x, 425x, and 427x

I thougth too… but ced told it was not a good idea:

Seems a module is missing to handle Parties in those accounts (that’s what I understand).

The main reason it is not a good idea is that we have no way for now to display the balance of the account per party: Issue 7438: General ledger for party required - Tryton issue tracker

It is the accountant’s choice (whether public accountant or enterprise accountant).

GL and balance simply needs to be done sometime, anyway, for party_required accounts.
For the time being it is export and sort in a spreadsheet (or equivalent).

At the same time, aged balance probably needs polishing, as it seems to merge all accounts by party,
where it should be either account by party or party by account, at least as an option (it is virtually useless as is in the French plan which habitually uses numerous accounts for different reasons).