French plan: why is 74 a view?


In 5.0 & account_fr, the account 74 is a view. Should I create a children account 741 to be able to use it? The official French account plan does’nt have subaccounts in 74.

The account with 2 numbers are for grouping. So I guess you should create sub-accounts (by I’m not an accountant).

Tryton seems to provide the ‘developed’ account plan.

It might be nice to have an alternative providing a simple ‘abridged’ (or simplified) plan (PCG Art. 932-1)
with perhaps an assistant to convert to a ‘developed’ plan later if needed.

In any event, sub-accounts should be created when necessary (albeit with care) in either plan.

That’s what we have in the spanish chart of account. A chart of SMB and another for normal ones.
We share all the taxes and the common accounting definition by using and xslt filter.

Once the module is activate the user can pick the chart that fits it’s needs.