Fiscal year independence and closed/unclosed accounts

Issue 4990: Merge account type and account kind - Tryton issue tracker retired view accounts and added ‘closed’.

I’m curious about how to deal some real world use cases while respecting the principle of fiscal year independence (BTW the problem was probably much worse before)…

In the French plan, accounts with 3+ numbers having (a) terminal zero(s) signify either a regrouping of accounts or a global account… It regroups accounts of the same level terminating with a number between 1 and 8.

How, for example, to indicate that in fiscal year ‘N’ that the account should regroup some subaccounts, then in a future fiscal year it should become a global account (again)?
(I notice ‘start’ and ‘end’ dates, but it isn’t clear how these work over time)

I should be able to generate coherent reports (GL/Balance/etc) for all the fiscal years in the base…

Probably you should use diferent accounts with the same code but with diferent start and end dates.

Start and end dates are used to determine on which fiscalyears are the accounts show, and non applicable accounts will be automatically hidden from the application.

I’m going to have to make some time (do 36 hour days exist?) to try some simulations in order to visualise how well account_account_deferral works with your suggestion ensuring valid begin balances over time.
Too, side-by-side comparative balances with multiple fiscal years would seemingly be difficult to make work sufficiently without some additional glue.
Luckily this isn’t something very frequent, but when it happens things complicate… we also need to make sure the FEC (accounting entries exchange file) remains consistent.

Feep free to test and report any issues you may encounter.

I’ve been working on this topic last week and reported some issues. So it will be better if you can test on development version

okay great, thanks !