Account numbers for closing

Swiss chart of accounts (and others) have some special account numbers for closing.

Example: section 9, codes 9000 and 9100 in the Swiss chart of accounts.

In a manual process, when the accountant closes the year, they zero all the revenue and expense accounts with journals to 9000. Then they zero 9000 with a journal to Retained Earnings in the balance sheet.

9100 is for the Balance sheet.

Does Tryton need to use intermediate accounts like this for closing a fiscal year?

Should accounts like this be included in a supported chart of accounts for account_ch and other countries?

I found a document here suggesting most ERP systems do this without an intermediate account for closing.

There is a wizard called Balance Non Deferral in Tryton which automatically creates this account move balancing all the expenses and revenue accounts to a selected account

Normally this account is used for balance sheet, so in your case probably the 9100 account should be used.

Yes, such account should be included.

The account chart should be designed in a way that the balance sheet is always correctly computed, no mather if the wizars have been executed or not.

To achieve it, we normally include the income statement types as child of the Results account type (the one linked to 9100 account)

Notice that in the Swiss case, like most Chart of Accounts, there is a Net Income or similar P&L in the Equity accounts.

In my case, I put all the Revenue and Expense under that, under account 2979. This gives a correct result, it balances.

The 9000 and 9100 accounts are additional accounts, they are not part of the balance sheet. It appears they are only intended for people who do the calculation manually. That is what the document in German appears to be telling us.

When somebody uses the Balance Non-Deferral action in Tryton, they could

  • close the fiscal year directly into account for retained earnings 2970, or
  • close the fiscal year into 9000 and then create a journal to 2970

Is there any reason for users to do the latter?

No, you can directly close the earnings to account 2970.

Then we do not need to have this accounts by default, specially if they are outside of the balance.