Period type and non-deferral report

Currently, I am looking how to properly close my fiscal year, and be still able to get useful reports. And I have some problems which seems related to period type and report of non-deferral accounts.

First, few context: in France, we usually have moves at end of the year for last-minute correction, or for “moving” an expense (or an income) from one fiscal year to another (for example for Produits constatés d’avance or Charges constatées d’avances)

For such “special moves”, I am using “adjustement” Period at end of the fiscal year, and another “adjustement” Period fat the beginning of the next fiscal year.

I have also another “adjustement” Period for non-deferral reporting when closing my fiscal year (at 31-Dec-2019 too). It needs to be separated from previous in order to be able to use FEC export wizard.

So my fiscal year has:

  • 12 standard period (one per month, no overlapping)
  • 1 adjustement period at 01-Jan-2019 for undoing special moves of 2018
  • 1 adjustement period at 31-Dec-2019 for special moves of 2019
  • 1 adjustement period at 31-Dec-2019 for non-deferral reporting

Now, in general ledger if I want to look at my previous fiscal year, I have no way to have the whole fiscal year except the non-deferral period. If I specify no period, only “standard” one are considered. If I specify end_period, both “special move” and “non-deferral” are included.

At first stance, it seems to me a Period type is missing, and I would need a special type for “specials moves” Period ; or be able to have overlapping dates in “standard” type.

Indeed the problem comes from the fact that both adjustment periods have the same dates so we can not know which one comes first when an end period is selected. So for now in doubt we select all the period having an end date equals.
I think we could add a sequence to order the adjustment period having the same dates so this will allow to not select the last adjustment (non-deferral) period when the other (the special moves) is selected.

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For what it is worth, our accountants and auditors advised us to simply use the journals ‘OD’ and ‘EXT’ in the last normal accounting period (ex: ‘xxxx-12’) and reserve the adjustment period (we use xxxx-99) for the closing out the fiscal year balancing the non-deferrals.

Then we extourn (all found in the journal ‘EXT’) in the appropriate normal period in N+1… (‘invoices not received’ or ‘invoices to be established’ being extourned at the date of the real invoice in N+1 which is rarely 1st of january)

This seems to avoid the horseplay with ajustment periods.

BTW… it seems much easier to filter by journal than by accounting period name

Simplifying to:

  • 12 standard period (one per month, no overlapping)
  • 1 adjustment period at 31-Dec-2019

This continues happening:

Is this the normal behavior? Why? I would like to understand why moves from adjustment periods are not shown in the general ledger.