Close fiscal year refused: balance !0


When trying to close a fiscal year on a copy of my db, I get this error:

To close the fiscal year, the balance of account “607 - Achats de marchandises” must be zero.

The Balance for this period for account 607 and all subaccounts is 0… What should I look for?

It is the balance for the all fiscal year that must be 0.
Also you should launch the wizard “Balance Non-Deferral” to create the move that balance all the accounts.

Sure I generated this move before with the Wizard… What do you mean by “It is the balance for the all fiscal year that must be 0” ? The year N-1 is closed; trying to close N after balancing non-deferral raises this message, whereas the General Ledger for 607* shows a final balance of 0…

Something is strange : my filter is “End Balance”: !0
and some lines (607* accounts among them) appear with the End Balance column showing 0.00. I would expect them not to be shown.

This looks like you have a balance that is not 0 but lower than the currency precision.
This should never happen as all debit/credit are limited to the company currency precision.

I wish I knew how I could manage to obtain this result… I did only sales, invoices and some moves. Is there a way to correct this? Should I use proteus to examine and correct this?

It is impossible to answer without having access to the data.

Create a database dump and put it into a new database. Use psql or pgadmin to dig through the moves which have that particular account.

It seems those line have more digits than needed. Try to understand why that is and eventually correct them and test closing the fiscal year.

If everything is okay and you are confident, do the same on the production database.