Unable to Close fiscal year "Balance ... must be zero"

Hi there I am having a problem that may be similar to the previous topic of https://discuss.tryton.org/t/close-fiscal-year-refused-balance-0/4836 made by @jmc . I am unable to close out a fiscal year and receive this message of:
To close the fiscal year, the balance of account “Minimal Account Chart” must be zero. Here are the details that have gotten me to this point:
(current tryton version = 6.2.5 It was upgraded through several migrations to this point following the migration documention and all has seemed well)
I have closed (but not locked) all periods in the fiscal year I am trying to close.

There were three accounts that had balances: Owner Draw ( I created as Minimal Account Type Chart\Equity\Owner Draw), Main Revenue and Main Receivable.

I have used the Balance Non-Deferral Wizard to create a move that brings the temporary account of Owner Draws and Main Revenue balances to zero. I configured an account when running the wizard for Retained Earnings that has no parent and is outside of the “Minimal Account Chart” (in other attempts I had placed it under the Minimal Account Chart as a Balance and an Income type and it seemed to not change the result I am having). The standard account of Main Receivables was unchanged ( I would expect this result as I am assuming that that is a permanent account and doesn’t need a zero balance to close. Is this correct?)

I have verified that the only accounts that have a balance different than $0.00 are Main Receivable and the standalone account (no parent) of Retained Earnings by running Financial/Reporting/General Ledger and the Trial Balance. (If I try to close the year with balances in other accounts I get the same error message but referencing those other accounts, so I do believe the Closing Fiscal Years is doing as it should be)

I have found and used or tried these resources: https://discuss.tryton.org/t/close-fiscal-year-refused-balance-0/4836
(more resources to follow due to 2 links per post restriction)

My question primarily is, does anyone have a good method to troubleshoot this? It seems strange to me that the error referencing the master parent “Minimal Account Chart”. Is this a common problem? How would I go about querying the value of “Minimal Account Chart” as I can not get it to show up in a GL or Trial Balance report?

Any Help will be greatly appreciated and thank you for this awesome product!

Additional resources have been: https://discuss.tryton.org/t/close-a-fiscal-year/1249


and final resource of https://docs.tryton.org/projects/modules-account/en/latest/usage/close.html

I guess you have wrongly configured one of your accounts. Let me explain:

This error is raised when an account that does not have the Deferral flag checked has some balance in the account. Deferrall is set to accounts of balance, when it make sense to move the balance of the account to the next fiscalyear, this is the case of “Main Receivable” and “Main payable”.

I will sugest to check the Deferral flag of the created accounts in case it balance should be transfered to the next fiscalyear. That should solve the isse.

Could you test and confirm this is the problem?

Thank you very much for your reply, could you please guide me to where I could make that modification?

I have probably overlooked where this setting is, but have been unable to find it on my instance of 6.2 and have not been able to find it on either the 6.4 or 6.2 instance of the demo at https://demo6.2.tryton.org https://demo6.4.tryton.org

The deferral is computed based on the Statement of the account related type.
All accounts of types related to “Balance” and “Off-Balance” are not marked as Deferral so it won’t require to balance the account.
The accounts related to types of “Income” statement do require the account to be Balanced when closing the fiscalyear.

Hope it helps!