FEC report in a single file for all account

In tryton, it is mandatory to choose a journal for the FEC report, while the French administration requires to use a single file for all accounts.
Is the modification complex to comply with French regulations?

Thank you

The journal to select to generate the FEC is the journal to use for the deferral of the balance at the beginning of the fiscal year. We need to request this journal because Tryton does not make such deferral move as it automatically add the previous balance.


Here is what worries me:

The taxpayer must provide the audit department with a copy of a single file (subject to the cases set out in VI § 370 et seq.) of all accounting entries made for the financial year

The file contains all accounting entries recorded during the year. Thus, the file must include the opening balance sheet posting entries, that is, re-entries and inventory entries, namely:

 - depreciation entries;

 - the entries of transfer of fixed assets;

 - the writedowns of depreciation;

 - the inventory entries;

 - provision entries;

 - regularization operations.

Tryton generates a FEQ for each newspaper.


I guess by “newspaper”, you mean journal.
So this affirmation is wrong, Tryton generates only one file per fiscal year and company.