Print general journal for the full fiscalyear

On 6.0 versions we removed the wizard that prints the general journal which allowed to print the general journal between two dates and proposes manually selecting the moves to be printed.

In Spain, the Tax Authorities requires to include a copy of the general journal on the yearly company register. Currently it is difficult to print the report for a big set of moves because we are forcing the user to load all the moves in the client (and for big companies it can be more than 15.000+ moves in a single year).

As we need this for the fiscalyear, I’m wondering if it won’t be better to add a print action to the fiscalyear, which executes the report for the moves of the full fiscalyear.

Does it sound reasonable? Any further idea?

There is also this proposal Alllow to execute an action based on domain - #3 by pokoli which may be reused for other reports avoiding to create wizards for each report.

For me this sounds like the FEC export in France. But there is a standard to be really useful. I find it strange that there will be no specific format for the Spanish Tax Authorities.

It is not for tax authorities. Its for the commercial register where you deposit the FiscalYear Balance and the Income Statement. There is no standarized format for any of such reports.

I do not understand how something can be required with defining it.

It is required to submit for each fiscalyear the following documents:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Trial balance
  • General Journal
  • Shareholders Meeting Minutes

But there is no structured format for any document, they just required a digital document which can be consulted by anyone requesting on the commercial register.

But it makes no sense to not have a definition of the document. Is an empty file named as required valid? I doubt so there must be a definition in order to accept or reject the requested document.

Yes, they request you to include specific information:

Sorry but the page is only available in Spanish.

For the general journal they say:

  • El libro diario. En el que se anota cronológicamente, día a día, el importe de todas las operaciones realizadas en desarrollo de la actividad empresarial. También puede realizarse anotación conjunta de los totales de las operaciones por períodos no superiores al mes, su detalle se registra en libros o registros concordantes.

Which translates to:

  • The general journal. Which records chronologically day by day the amount of all operations done in the development of the bussiness activity. It’s also possible to record the total amounts of operations for periods not higher than a month, declaring its details in chronologically books or records.

That’s the requirement.

So you need to create such reporting which includes only the required information (even if for me from an accounting point of view is not clear what it means).

Do not understand. We already have all the required information and we are just missing an easy way to print the general journal for a full fiscalyear.

No this is not true. The requirement is about chronological day by day or month by month, the operations amount (which I do not understand what it means).

Is they way the explain what is included on the general Journal :man_shrugging:

It is clear that a custom report is needed so company can report month by month and so reduce the size and the quantity of data sent.

Do not understand why we need a custom report when we have one already that fits the need.

Because clearly the general journal is giving too much information and also because as far as I understand the requirement it is just a daily or monthly summary of the accounts with moves.
So it will be the result of something like:

SELECT account, post_date, SUM(debit), SUM(credit) from account_move_line group by account, post_date order by post_date ASC

where post_date could be extract as month.

What you describe is a extra possibility and it also makes clear that the details should be also reported.

We have been submiting the journal report for 3 years without any issues, I will prefer to keep it working instead of creating a new report that we are not sure that is valid.

Having said that I must admint that Spanish accountants are used to sending such report and this is something they require when validating the system. So having a different report will make just a little bit more complex for them.

Do you think is there any option to make it easier to print the current report for the full fiscalyear?

Well this is not a reason to not support better solution.
I would be personally worry if I had to sent to the authorities the full details of the company operation without any specific reason. Because this could leak personal information like the salary of each employees.
So I good software is the one that limit the data sent to external.

I do not understand the rational. How something that is different from your current workflow could complicate the workflow of someone that has none.
But also having an entry menu in the reporting that is named with the exact name of the report, I can not see how this is more complicated than having to pre-select the proper records and execute a report with a different name.

Yes by doing a dedicated report like the FEC export which requests only the specific requirements and output only the needed data.

We are not sure that its better because we do not know exactly what is required.
On the other hand, we know that what we have is already valid.

There is no need to include employees salary on accounting. Indeed most of the companies create a single move with the amounts of all employees.

Because we are interpretating some text which for me is not very clear and we may implement a bad solution while we think is better.

Indeed we already have such menu entry but it was removed. For me adding it may be a good solution four our current issue.

I stop talking about this issue for now because we are missing crucial information about the requirements.
We do not develop Tryton without clear requirements.

For me the requirements are clear:

  • We need to print the general journal for the full fiscalyear

There is also the option to print another report (which is not clear what should include) that includes a resumed detail (but it is not clear if its complementary to the main report or we should declare both). Of course, If in the future there is some user that request the resumed format and clarifies the requirements we may add it latter, but this is not the case now.

Sincerly, I will prefer to keep it simple by finding a solution that reuses the existing report (that we already know that is valid because we used it for some time as it was already available on Tryton) so for me there are several options here:

  • Add the wizard to print the general ledger that was already available on previous versions
  • Include a report on the fiscalyear that print the general ledger
  • Allow to execute reports based on domains

Of course, it will be simpler to just add the previous wizard but as we are always doing, if there is something any other option that can be also used (and benefits the project in some other way) we do not may implementing that.

For me, if we do not have a clear way to solve the problem I think the simpler will be to just re-add the wizard to print the report based on dates for the following reasons:

  • Users will have a dedicated action for the report → Which makes it easier to use
  • Users from previous versions will already use the same version that are already used.
  • The cost of implementing it is lower.

Also, if you think that this is something that should not be included on the general account module, I won’t mind having it on the Spanish localization module (as this is something required for Spain).