Print general journal for the full fiscalyear

Could you point to the official requirement where it is said that?
No further comment.

I already pointed that on a previous comment: Print general journal for the full fiscalyear - #8 by pokoli

So your proposal does not solve the requirements.

I do not understand. Could you please explain why you say it does not solve the requirements?

The proposed report is not a daily or monthly report of the operations on the accounts.

I think you are interpreting it wrong the “day by day”.

It’s not a summary for each day, but day by day means that it should include the moves of every day. Which is exactly the general journal.

Here is a more detailed description of the same topic: (english version by google translate is understandable)

This clearly sais that each entry on the report must be an account move.

This explains in more detail what should be included and which is the propose of registering the books in the comercial register (basically that accounting entries can not be altered).

Sorry but I do not read the same thing as you.
For me this is based on the manual way where the summary of each journal at the end of the day is booked in the general journal.

Of course because you read it in English while i read it in Spanish :cry: :man_shrugging:

Of course you may interpret this way But that’s not what Spanish accountants are submiting and what is available on other accounting softwares. I start to think that all accountants that I talked in Spain are doing it wrong but I’m do not see any way to convince them.