Alllow to execute an action based on domain

We recently added the possibility to print reports for the listed records, which was activated on some Spanish reports required by our tax authorities.

When testing this feature on a large database (nearly 2500 invoices for a fiscalyear) we just found that the search_limit (1000 records) is applied to the search. This causes the report to be incomplete as we are missing some features.

Of course, the search limit can be increased but I’m not sure if forcing the user to increase the value is intuitive. As the user asked for a Report, we should give him the full report.

So I’m wondering if we should allow a third option, that behaves like export_data_domain.

If there is a constraint on what should be included in a report than it should be set by a wizard.
We can not remove limits to user actions.

So you propose to execute the report with a wizard that performs the search?
That will be a reasonable solution for me.

Yes if the report makes no sense for any other set of records.