Why is Party's Account Payable limited to 4[056] accounts in account_fr?

For instance, bank fees should be accounted in French accounting into a 627 account. I thought it would be convenient to configure my bank Party record with 627 as Account Payable; but this field is constrained and cannot be set to anything else than 4[056] accounts. Why?
What is the recommended way to fill in statement lines for all services that don’t fit in 4* accounts? Fill manually the Account field in statement is error prone, we should be able to fix that in the Party.

Because account 627 is an income account not a balance. It is not something payable to a party.

I do not agree. Booking expenses through statement is an accountant job and he should be able to pick the right account.

I completly agree with Cédric here. But if you do not want the accountant to fill the statement you can create an off-balance account to set all the statement lines that the user does not know which is releated and after the accountant can move the amonuts to the right accounts.

It give some more work, but it may solve your problem.

Or even better write some statement rules which set automatically the correct account.

Ok good idea! will try when I migrate to 5.4.

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