Display account move lines from given account


From newbie …
“Open chart of accounts” does not display detail transaction statements (account move lines) for given account / fiscal year
See attached imges for scenario.

Thank you

Hi Marc, do not excuse to be a newbie, we all have been a newbie sometime :wink:
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Inded if you want to open the detail of the moves it’s better to open the General Ledger to see the amounts of an account. This can be found on the Accounting -> Reporting -> General Ledger menu.
From there you can doble click to Open the detail per party or all the move lines of the related account.

You can have the full details on the Using the general ledger documentation.

But you can also double-click on a row of the chart of account.

Double click on the given account row works for both “Open Chart of Accounts” and “General Ledger”. The “Switch” icon is not meant to be used for this scenario.

Thank you.

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