Register own material demand / consumption

I’m selling material - and using the same kind in my own workshop. How would I register my own workshop’s consumption in the inventory? - Create a storage “own demand” does not appear a good approach?


If you use the material for manufacturing you should use the production module to register your own consumtion.

If you use for other needs that are not tracked in tryton the best is to create a new inventory location of type “Lost and Found” and move the consumed products there using “Internal shipments”.

That is not so simple. You can not consume your own goods without register them as proper expense. Ideally you should transform the goods into assets. But a common practice is to register an dedicated operation which will move the goods from the warehouse and move it to a consumed location (similar to production).

Thank you very much for your time. The production module looks like too much for my very small share of goods I’m now using in my own workshop, so it may be easiest to follow @pokoli’s idea,

Is that a procedure from the “production” module?

No this procedure have not yet been implemented.

I’m not yet in tryton, transitioning right now, but I do have that problem in my own business.
In my current system I simply «sell» those products to myself without margin. That way there are stock moves, and the financial impact is registered (even if the end result is moot, there are financial moves so those expenses do appear in costs and products). In tryton I intend to create a pricelist for myself, with just the cost price of goods.