How manage post consumption in production order

For the components of a production order we have two movements:

  • stock to workshop
  • workshop towards production
    The first movement is treated when the components are physically moved in the workshop.
    The second movement is processed upon receipt of the production order (post consumption)
    How to manage this process in tryton?
    Thanks for your help

On production there are two movements:

  • Inputs: When the componets are moves to the workshop
  • Outputs: When the produced products are moved back to it’s storage location.

This movements are managed on the production workflow. So when you start a production all the components are moved to the workshop and when you finish the production the products are moved to their storage location.

Does this answer your question?

Thanks for your answer @pokoli
In tryton the movement of components goes from stock to production, this movement is processed when the production order is launched, the components are removed from stock. In my case I would like the components to be moved to a workshop location (movement from stock to workshop) when the production order is launched and consumed (movement from workshop to production) when I complete the production order. So I would need three movements:


  • stock to workshop
  • workshop to production

outputs : When the produced products are moved back to it’s storage location.

Then you should create an internal shipment to move the products from the storage zone to it’s workshop. And then use the workshop location as source location from the input zone.

But in order to automate this I think we are missing a property on the production location (what you call workshop) to determine on which location is used to provision. Then you will be able to configure the system to utomatically generate the internal shipments required to fullfill the production components provision the workshop by setting a provisioning locatin for your workshop.

I agree we could have a picking_production_location (similar to the picking_location) and a fallback to the storage_location.

If just filled Issue 9331: Add production picking location - Tryton issue tracker which add the picking_production_location

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Thank you for this modification. I just tested it and I think the output movement should keep the stock location in destination
What do you think ?

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I think we should have a second optional location for the output moves.

I’ve just added the optional output location, so you can store goods or another location or leave blank to store on warehouse storage.

@sylviegar could you test with last version of the review?

@pokoli hello, it’s OK for me