Material request

What is the equivalent in Tryton for a materiel request form that can entered by an employee for a particular project/production cost center to a particular work center or storage location?
That is one that can be processed by a responsible to determine what should/can be delivered out of stock and what should be transformed into a purchase request…

Purchase Requisition module should do the job…

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yeah, I’m preparing to use that, but as your slides clearly show, purchase_requisition is after the stock supply processing.
Material requests are sent before stock supply processing which, when necessary, will in turn generate purchase requisition forms leading up to eventual purchase requests.

I’m suffering as well from the loss of any means (other than perhaps in the description or notes) to stipulate the storage location once in the “purchase” workflow, only warehouse granularity seems to be provided.

purchase_requisition is not after the stock_supply. It is at the same level. Each module (sale_supply, stock_supply, purchase_requisition) will generate purchase_requests.
With the purchase_requisition, there is a workflow to approve the requisition and then creating the purchase_request.

I guess I missed something then, where is the stock supply dealt with in processing that can generate the internal stock moves prior to approval (which then generates the purchase request).
Also, where is the project/production storage location indication?

For this, I wonder if adding an optional default location to the purchase documents (like for product variant), as well as an override on a line item basis (like for delivery date) wouldn’t do the trick.

Hum, stock_supply has no approval. You define order_points (in stock menu) then for those order_points, purchase_requests will be generated. (Stock Supply Module — trytond_stock_supply latest documentation)

Purchase_requisition is a manual request by an employee. This request when approved by a responsible can generate a purchase_request. (Purchase Requisition Module — trytond_purchase_requisition latest documentation)

This is not going to happen in standard because the design is that documents work at warehouse level only. It is usually not the job of the purchaser to know how the warehouse is organized. The default location for a product can be configured by example with the stock_product_location module.

This is why I ask for the materiel request form, it is typically input to stock supply.
The not in stock materiels need to be ordered, but the in-stock needs to be internally moved.

I got the idea to add the default location from the stock_product_location module, which only works for the static (default) stock location(s) for products in permanent warehouses.
The overrides are necessary for punctual worksite warehouses and such.

I notice the generated purchase lines each have a request tab seeming to indicate that if the default location was available in the request (and in the requisition), then it wouldn’t be necessary to add more to the purchase as such. This information should be used in receiving the suppliers shipment.
So, I don’t believe the purchaser should really care too much, but the manager approving the requisition probably should for a variety of reasons.

The system compute that by itself.

I’m curious as to how the system could compute materiels need (and when) in absence of completely planned operations with fixed BOM or other instructions, the demand must be conjured up from somewhere!

The real world uses a simple request for materiels .

For grins, I found a nice example here (no, I have nothing to do with CERN):

You fill the proper order: sale, production, shipment etc.

Speaking rather myopically about the case in hand, if I recall correctly, you mentioned elsewhere it was improper to use sale for projects or works contracts, it needed to be an opportunity…
If I understand production meaning based upon sales, then again, these projects or works contracts are initially merely estimates of the actual works to be delivered… the detail is fleshed out during elaboration of the project (I guess engineered-to-order with more or less detailed initial specifications).

The production is intensive, long running, dynamic and, depending upon the profession (corps d’état or corps de métier) arbitrarily complex, with considerable human and machine effort with a multitude of interactions.

Typically there is no ‘shipment’ but there are deliverables where all or most of the production stock provisioned has been consumed, the excess returned to the company’s warehouse(s).

So I can’t fathom what a ‘proper’ order is here… If there was a kind of BOM that fits the description of the materiels request workflow, then it is probably the missing link.

In Tryton requesting a goods is about creating draft stock moves. After that stock supply computes and create the proper requests (purchase, production, internal shipment etc.) depending on the configuration of the order points, provisioning and overflowing location etc.
For a customer, we have once developed a custom module that allows to create move on project work. But this is very custom as it is almost always with long running projects.