How to sell to myself?


is there a special mechanism in tryton to buy items for my own company ? Or to take them directly from my own stock ? Do I have to sell/purchase them to/from myself ?

Example 1: today I ordered products from a supplier. Most of these products are for clients, but one of them is for my own use.

Example 2: sometimes I consume articles from my own stock for my own use.

In both cases, the obvious procedure is to sell them to myself, with a null margin. But that means encoding the sale, purchase, and processing them. Which is time consuming, and human driven, so error prone :slight_smile:

Maybe there is a dedicated procedure in tryton that I’m not aware of ?


This is something still missing in Tryton.
The proper way is to make an operation that take a goods out of the stock and put back the corresponding assets. If the expense accounts of each product are different, the cost must be transferred. Also the account asset should be improved to support depreciation of such assets that do not have an invoice line.
I guess the goods and the assets should be linked in order to limit the couple goods-asset transformation that can be done.

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