Prospective user: Purchases billable to client & classes/dimensions equivalent

Am considering using Tryton, initially mainly for accounting. Have played with the demo and read the documentation and forums. Very impressive. Two questions:

  1. If my company makes a purchase that I want to bill to a client, does that work flow work out of the box with Tryton? If so, what is the basic work flow?

  2. How does one handle classes/dimensions in Tryton? Does one use projects or something else?
    Thank you.

You can use the project_revenue module which allows to assign purchase line to a project or task. Such line will be included in the cost of the project.
Then to invoice it to the customer, there is not yet any standard module for that. But it should not be difficult to extend the project_invoice to add a invoice line for flagged purchase lines.

The project_revenue gives you information about the profitability of the project by comparing what it generated against what it cost (timesheet cost and purchase lines).

If you are not looking at project base reporting. You can use the analytic modules, they allow to define multiple analytic (one per axis) on the lines of documents. There is also a rule engine in analytic_account which can set automatically the accounts based on criteria. (For more information, I submitted an patch to improve the analytic documantation.)

Merci beaucoup, Cedric. Very helpful.

To “extend the project_invoice to add a invoice line”, what would be involved? I do not have the technical skill to do that myself, so would have to hire a Tryton expert to do this task. Can you guess how much time would be involved (I understand firm estimate impossible without more info)? Would this customization be easy to preserve during future upgrades? Other considerations? I am using this example to understand better how it would be to live with Tryton. Thank you.

I think it will be a matter of adding a flag on the purchase line to tell that it should be invoiced back to the customer of the linked project. And then extend the invoice method to include this new line.
I also think that it could probably be a new standard module (will have to write a blue print in but it can also be done a a custom module (which will not be difficult to keep up to date).
About the time needed it should be between 1 and 2 days.

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