How to configure for property management and invoices

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How would you go about configuring ths following:

I have a rental property management business (multi-family residential real estate)

I am based in the United States so I would target for US requirements.
I think I would create expense sub-accounts for each property:
Main Expense/Advertising
Main Expense/Auto Travel
Main Expense/Cleaning and Maintenance
Main Expense/Cleaning and Maintenance/Property 1
Main Expense/Cleaning and Maintenance/Property 2

Main Expense/Utilities
Main Expense/Utilities/Property 1
Main Expense/Utiltites/Property 2

I would do something similar with revenue as well.

This would allow me to do reporting at the end of the year on each property individually.

Now I will have accounts from each of the utility companies for each property. I would like to record in the system all the particular for each of those accounts. Account number service address etc. What I would like to know is if there is a way I can configure tryton so that when I need to pay the water bill for Property 1 I can just pull up the record for Property 1 and select the appropriate bill and record the invoice and payment. Right now what I would do is record the invoice details with invoice number units and prices and post the invoice and payment.

How would you guys suggest I do this?



In this case I will separate the accounting from the analytic reporting by using the analyti account modules. This way you can have only one account per type of revenue/expense in accounting and distribute it per Property in accounting. You can also have distribution accounts to distribute an expense between several properties.

This is correct, you should record the invoice with all details. If you use the analytic invoice on each line you will have to specify on which analytic account (Property in your case) you want to track the expense.

If you have recurring revenue for the rental, you may be interested also in the sale subscription modules to automatically manage the rental invoices.

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