Invoicing fixed amount projects


We will like to be able to create a project with a fixed amount.
For example I can bill 1000€ to perform a Tryton installation.

For now it’s possible to set a fixed amount of hours, but this have the drawback that when generating an invoice the line has a Time unit and the number of effort hours as quantity, which may not be meaningful for the customer as he bought a service but does not care how much time you spend doing it.

Of course we want to track the time and cost spent on the project but we will prefer to keep this information internal and do not share it with the customer.

I’m wondering if anyone has a similar use case and how they are managing it with Tryton.

We got this case. We needed to create new invoice method to manage this case and it was not trivial.
My conclusion was that the module should relies less on duration and more on amount. So for example, the fields invoiced_duration should be removed and duration_to_invoice should be replaced by amount_to_invoice.

I’ve created Issue 7776: Rely less on duration and more on amount - Tryton issue tracker which implements it.

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