Creation of categories/classes/projects in purchase and sales invoices


I am writing from an non profit organization. We are looking forward to start using Tryton for accounting and project purposes. Before starting to use Tryton we have the questions/issues below:

  1. Does Tryton has the feature/option to categorize purchase and sales invoices based on projects/donors. We have experience with quickbook software, at quickbooks the feature was named “class”. So, we created classes in order to categorize expenses and sales on donor basis.

  2. Does Tryton has the feature/option to upload the documents in the purchase and sales invoices?

Looking forward to your response.

Best regards,

We do not have any tagging system for purchases nor sales.
Not sure if the analytic account modules may fit your needs. That will allow to categorize your sale/purchase lines.

Yes, the attachment feature (which allow to upload documents to records) is available on any Tryton module.