Pitching Tryton to our team

What information would you recommend to pitch Tryton to non technical / non programmer leaders within our business? HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations etc.

What modules are fully developed , partially developed and planned for in Tryton?

For example:
Caller ID in the CRM.
HR, scheduling, payroll

We have been trying to complete our business cycle for a number of years… frustrating our leadership team in the process. This image is a bit dated but shows our business process, progress and goals.

MVP= green
Partially functional = yellow outline
Needed= blue

To be clear I am considering using Tryton as our backend while continuing to develop our various existing frontends. Although I would be open to migrating to any basic business processes or functions that are already fully functional in Tryton.

This is how I think about Tryton and how I pitch it to potential customers.

Looking at your diagram, say 75% already exists in Tryton like the whole ordering process including POS. You can take a look at production but maybe the sale order is already enough. Delivery or shipment is there and also all the inventory and financial parts are fully functional. But you need some work on the CRM side. No idea how deep you want to go into that one but not much exists in Tryton.

For a customer I have created a custom module because they use a VOIP cloud service. That service is using Asterisks and they created a framework to push out phone data. We take that data and just put it in Tryton so the employees can see who called and don’t forget to follow-up on calls. If you have an own Asterisks server, take a look at GitHub - VoIPGRID/cacofonisk: Who's calling?.

Also HR is a field where Tryton is struggling at the moment. That said, it seems you have a team of developers available. But the first thing is to set up a demo server try things out and see by yourself what you are missing. Then with the team you can easily determine what the costs in money and time is.

For both CRM and HR there are some proposals here on discuss but nothing concrete yet and I think because most companies outsource HR and use another system for CRM (unfortunately).

Certain frontends which are already developed keep them, but let them connect to Tryton instead of directly to the ‘Database’. For frontend development I’m using another underdog called ‘emberJS’ which existed before the big names even were thought of.


Appreciate the response and information. I was looking through the docs and couldn’t find CRM and noticed HR isn’t represented except for the timesheet so thanks for confirming that. We were also considering using Asterisks and since everything is wide open then integration should not be a problem.

I’m still looking for a sales pitch proposal for the team. Your container ship analogy was good. If there is a roadmap I would like to see it.

There is Sale Opportunity. It is possible this provides some starting points for CRM.
Although I prefeer to do CRM by using Party Categories since I am the only one who does sales in my company.

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Thank you. Sales opportunity does seem like a good jump off point.

This makes me wonder who is responsible for maintenance and additional functionality of these modules?

You may get in touch with Service providers who offer development services.

Maintenance is done by B2CK. New features are done by the community (service providers are part of the community, but not the only who can contribute), so feel free to contribute in any task (feature / maintenance / docs…) following the procedures.

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