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Continuing the discussion from New website design:

To progress on the First website template proposal, we need to provide the new content for this page:

  • Carousel:
    • Title
    • Description
    • Call to action
    • Image (this can be proposed by Webadev
  • Resume of the site: (we need a text of few lines for each topic)
    • “What it is?”: application, free-software, modularity, advantages etc.
    • “Who we are?”: foundation, community etc.
    • “What can be done?”: define the list of “module” listed, ex: accounting, invoicing, sales etc.
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  • Tryton provides business related applications as a service.
  • Tryton is a modular extendable server application which can be connected to client apps and graphical user interfaces.
  • Solutions based on Tryton are used in many companies all around the world.

We are a business-oriented community of users, integrators and developers.
All are working hard to fulfill our dream of an application, which is able to serve the requirements of so many enterprises:
On the one hand being general, lean and simple enough to not get into the way of the processes used in many companies, on the other hand, being modular and flexible to be enhanced to our very specific needs.

The community started the Tryton Foundation in 2012 to have an independent party acting in the best interest of all members of the community.

Tryton takes place in a lot of very different business scenarios:
B2B, B2C, reseller, producer, service companies, law-firms,
coating industry, collecting societies, hospitals, health centers and health systems. [Links to the show cases]
Tryton generally covers many business related topics and requirements in a modular way.
Not every functionality Tryton provides, may be needed in your own company.
We would like to present all features to you, to inspire your imagination what can be also possible with Tryton:

  • With Tryton you can manage all your parties, contacts, relationships and opportunities.
  • Guide your interests and customers through your sales process.
  • You write your invoices and do double entry accounting utilizing all availible information from the other functionalities.
  • Process your payments, follow up open items and remind your overdue customer.
  • Meet the legal obligations with balance sheet, income statement and tax report and get the numbers that realy matters to you with the analytic accounting.
  • You can produce your products or purchase them like services, consumables and assets.
  • Get a clear view where your products can be found in your arbitrary complex stock locations and warehouses, at any date.
  • Make use of Tryton’s perpetual inventory method for your stock valuation in the continental or anglo-saxon way with COGS (cost of goods sold).
  • Track individual products with lots and serial numbers on their way through your stock locations, from supplier to customer.
  • Manage your projects, works and track your expenditure of time and keep an eye on your planning.
  • Use net prices without tax for your B2B customers and suppliers or brut prices including VAT for your B2C customers.

[Some keywords can be linked to the appropriate sections in the module documentation]

I do not understand why? Tryton provides any service.

I think this repeat the mistake of the current website. It is too much technical.

I think it is too verbose description. I’m pretty sure more than the half of the reader will stop before the end.
We need to simplify the communication to the essential and being very catchy.

I do not think first comers want to know the history. They just care at first about here and now.

I’m not sure it is a good way to attract users by telling them that.

I do not see how such list will integrate into the modules section of the design.

Here are B2CK proposals:

Tryton is a business software for all, easy to use, complete and 100% Open Source.

Tryton Foundation:
The mission of the Tryton Foundation is to protect, promote and develop the Tryton software and its community.

  • Financial Accounting
    Reports all transactions of your chart of accounts.

  • Sales
    Follows orders from quotation to customer satisfaction.

  • Inventory & Stock
    Tracks goods in your warehouses from reception to delivery.

  • Analytic Accounting
    Breaks down your expenses and revenues by categories.

  • CRM
    Converts your leads and opportunities into sales.

  • Purchasing
    Follows your requests for quotation and reduce cost by grouping orders.

  • Supply Chain
    Fill your warehouses just in time.

  • Manufacturing
    Transform raw materials into finished products with bill and routing.

  • Shipping
    Packages shipments for your carriers.

  • Project Management
    Checks the profitability of projects and never forget to invoice the customers.

  • Subscription Management
    Create recurring invoices for your customer contracts.

  • Third Party Integration
    Automates your communication with banks, carriers, websites etc.

  • Business Software

    • Modularity, scalability & security for your business
    • Try the demo
  • 100% Open Source

    • No vendor locking
    • Install it now
  • Community

    • reunite under the Foundation
    • Make a donation
  • Professional service

    • supported by a network of providers
    • Find your partner

“for all” sounds as there is something missing. It refers to all business sizes? To all kinds of business? Or to what all?

The community is composed by business and individuals from arround the World (add a link to the services page). Becoming a member of the community is free, just get in touch using one of the channels (add a link to the community page). We will be happy to get in touch with users, integrators, developers or any individual.

I will also add: “Get in touch”

I would say it refers to all your cases and more. The idea is that any one can use it to run his business.

I do not think we should describe the community because it is the best way to reject people who does not find being in the description.

Tryton is a business enterprise-management software for all, easy to use, complete and 100% Open Source. Tryton can manage procedures and resources of all kinds (inventory, accounting, employees, customers, internal projects/tasks, etc.).

. . .
Tracks goods in your warehouses from reception to delivery Tracks good in and out of your warehouses.

. . .
Follows your requests for quotation and reduce reduces cost by grouping orders.

. . .

Checks the profitability of projects and never forget to invoice the customers manages customer invoicing.

. . .

Create recurring invoices for your customer contracts customers.

. . .

No vendor locking lock-in.

. . .

reunite under the Foundation Join a discussion board, or come meet the community at our annual unconference.

. . .

supported Supported by a network of providers

For me, business software is larger than entreprise software which is just a subset.

I do not think listing is a good marketing orientation. Also this will mainly repeat the module list.

We tried to avoid the “manage” verb because it can apply to anything. Also we tried to show direct benefit for the user.

For me, business software is larger than entreprise software which is just a subset.

I think business software is too broad. There is a lot of software that gets used in business–Excel, Word, etc. Tryton is for enterprise management. This is why I think the description of “manage procedures and resources” is good.

We often compete against Excel and Word :wink:
Also “Enterprise management” excludes usages like GNU Health, those from Grasbauer and the e-commerce.

Trying to compete against Word is probably not our strongest position.

I think enterprise management includes the things you mentioned.