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Thanks to the module notification_email, we have the tools to send transactional emails but we are still missing the direct emails. Such email must be sent based on a selection/list, the recipient is not necessary an existing party but just an email address.


Email addresses are collected inside lists per languages. If the email address is active, it will receive message posted.
The subscription process must ensure that the email is valid and that the subscription was requested by the owner of the address.
The recipient must have the possibility to deactivate its subscription to a list.
The email sent must use the report engine to generate the HTML for each email address. The generated email must contain options for tracking. As the lists are per language, the translation mechanism of the report engine will not be used.
So to send an email to a list, the user will have to create a record with the HTML content of the email (using Genshi template). A button will allow to send the email to a testing address and another one to the list (with a planned date). This last task will be performed by a cron task as the list may be big.


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Should we include a subscribe route and an unsubscribe route? Although people may want to customize it, I think it’s good to include a base page. What do you think?

I do not think we must manage any page. This is the job of a website.
But we must provide a route to unsubscribe which should use a unique/secret identifier that can be set on the email template.
The subscription process is too complex to be done with a simple route because the email must be verified. But we could have a POST route that start the process (that the website could use).

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