Replace CRM, Integrations, API and Hosting?


It is hard to fully discover what Tryton capabilities are from the website alone.

Can this replace my CRM that is getting costly? Where can it be hosted. What third party integrations can I utilize? Is there an ability to access the API?

CRM Needs

Campaigns - This is the beginning of my system. Everything in my business starts with a Campaign. These campaigns are tied to phone numbers(twilio). The campaigns can be from a sign on road, physical post office mail, a facebook ad and so on. They will all have a phone number tied to them for tracking. So I need to integrate twilio.

Next the Lead is worked from those campaigns and once the seller agrees to our offer it becomes a property(you can see this will be used for real estate). As a property it will be marketed to end buyers and it will also have title work completed on it. All these activities will need to be tracked until that property is closed.

Additionally, I will need to call and text from the CRM to these leads from the attached campaign phone number.

Finally would like to automate many of the follow-up activities and functions within the CRM. All text and email follow-ups on lead should happen by the system. My current system requires me to manually have this task assigned and then do it.

If this is not available and someone is able to help me bring this product on top of tryton to market maybe that is worth exploring.

Google Drive
Hellosign(Esignature for Contracts) - would be nice if I could create the contracts into the system.

There are probably things I am forgetting but this should be a good start.

(Sergi Almacellas Abellana) #2

Yes tryton has CRM functionalities. This has been discussed recently in the forum

Tryton is a python application so you can host in any server that can run a python application. I will recomend using our docker image to run it

You can use the Remote Procedure API or build a custom API

Indeed this is a quite specific workflow so you should probably develop a custom module to adapt the system to your own needs.

You can find some third party modules on PyPI by using the tryton classifier. In fact there is a module for sending SMS with Twilio

Hope it helps


I saw the twilio integrations but did not see the possibilities of some of the other integrations. How do those get created? Is this something the team is even interested in.

(Felipe Morato) #4

As I understand, tryton is maintained by a group of companies that offer services around tryton: You can ask them for a quote or proposal regarding your requirements.

Otherwise, the source code is available at and the developer documentation is at

The easiest way to create custom functionality is by creating a module. Modules can also alter the existing functionality of other modules. You can check existing modules’ code at For integrations, there is a stripe payment module that might serve as inspiration: