Foundation Budget for 2021

The Foundation has decided to publish a budget for 2021. This is an exercise in transparency so everyone can see our plans. Note that the income of the foundation comes only from donations so we cannot guarantee that all the things will get done. We have ordered the points by priority. Each point will be done once we get a total amount of donations.

Budget points

  • 1700€: Infrastructure maintenance (rental and services to maintain our servers).
  • 2300€: Create a public overview of how all the current infrastructure is setup.
  • 3100€: Buy a new Mac mini to support Apple Silicon
  • 4300€: Improve the contents of the current website by writing more details about supported features and including more sucess stories.
  • 7300€: Build a new code review system

The amounts do not represent the amount needed for each individual point but the total amount of donations we need to be able to work on it. The cost of each point can be calculated by subtracting its amount from the amount of the previous point.

If you want to help make these things happen please consider donating to the foundation. Any amount will be appreciated. We would also like to thank everyone who has already donated to the foundation. Last but not least, we would like to receive enough in donations to buy the Mac mini before the next Tryton release, scheduled for 3rd of May, so we can include support for new Apple devices.

About maintenance and infrastructure cost

If you have been following Tryton for some time you will have noticed that the maintenance budget has increased this year from 500€ to 1700€. The main reason for this is that we have agreed to also include all the services related to maintenance in this cost. Until now B2CK have been providing these services for free, but as it is a time consuming task, and sometimes needs to be done in a hurry when something isn’t working properly, we agreed that it should be paid.

During this year, we are also relying on B2CK to provide the maintenance services, but our plan is to allow other companies to also offer these services. This will allow us to choose which one is best. For this reason we added the second point on the budget, which will allow everyone to have an overview of what needs to be maintained.


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